My big earrings were trying to distract from the big hole in my heart.

The girl in the header photo is me at 18. Yes, those earrings ARE huge. I remember them being quite heavy as well. I even remember sitting in this photo-booth after plugging in my $1.50. I had just bought this dark purple chenille cowl-neck oversized sweater and matching crushed velvet…

online metrics are great but they’re only part of the customer journey

I’ve been in marketing long enough to remember the days before online marketing and all of the new data it provided. I was never a media buyer myself, but I worked with many media buyers who provided gigantic numbers that made the clients’ eyes light up. …

People support what they help to create.

On February 20, I presented this to a group of Communications Officers in various departments of the Government of Canada. The question presented to me when approached to give this talk was: “How do government services tell effective stories on social?”

My core thesis: They don’t. People don’t want to be told stories, they want to be involved in making them…especially in the social era.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit

License: CC Attribution-NonCommercial License

Tara Hunt @missrogue

Founder + CEO: Truly Social Inc (@trulysocial), author The Whuffie Factor, Speaker, Pug lover.

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